Earn money by PPD method


PPD advertising and marketing is a simple and smooth approach of making money online in which you do notshould make any kind of investment a good way to start your online marketing journey. With successful PPD advertising, you become developing a regular movement of passive and automated income aid for your self. PPD advertising and marketing offers you an extraordinary opportunity to make money online via monetizing your downloadable digital products which includes documents, packages, e-books, software, manuals, stockphotographs, PDF files, and almost anything else

How PPD Works?

As already illustrated, you require first signing up for a Pay per down load or PPD network and require importing the files that you need to offer in your visitors as a loose download.

while a person visits a landing web page, he is directed to the web site of PPD network from wherein he is able to download the file. The visitor then clicks on the “download” button and is provided with a survey form. he’s required to fill the survey form earlier than the down load can begin. as soon as a finished survey is submitted, the down load is then automatically activated. when the download method is complete, the traveler can get admission to the downloaded document. thru the PPD advertising, you could count on to earn everywhere from $1 – $10 according to down load relying upon the nice of statistics supplied. Having said that, there are some PPD Networks which do now not make it mandatory to fill out a survey earlier than beginning the down load technique. In this type of situation, the standard profits are of the order of $0.02 per download.

Why Pay per download?

really Pay per download comes as one of the best online advertising strategies for making money on line. In reality, PPD gives one of the simplest and quickest ways of earning online. moreover, it is able to be began free of charge with out making any investment. Then there is any other gain connected to PPD advertising. genuinely, it’s far a lot easy to get everyday in PPD Networks whilst as compared to CPA Networks. most of the PPD Networks receive (new) individuals routinely.

Then Pay in step with down load advertising is easy to handle and execute. You simply need to upload your documents to PPD network after which proportion hyperlinks for downloading documents. Then, earning ability is large in PPD advertising and marketing. every time your record gets downloaded, you stand to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $10. There are some networks which even provide payouts as a lot as $20 for a unmarried download.

There are kinds of PPD websites

PPD site with survey : Downloader have to complete a single survey to down load the file. profits will between $1 to $20 per down load.
PPD site without survey : No survey, direct down load, earnings will $1 to $20 per 1000 downloads.


List of PPD sites with survey

  1.  DepositeFiles.com

It will pay 1$ for each single download which makes 1000$ for a thousand downloads. however, the users have to finish a survey which is pretty demanding in many cases. but, its a truthful game if you are offering free softwares or anything. They pay you on weekly basis via Payoneer and PayPal. The best a part of that is, they even provide direct bank transfer which is more easy and fast compared to different charge methods. They provide local bank transfer, wire transfer, and US ACH the use of the lowest fees within the industry.

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2. Sharecash.org

ShareCash is a innovative website that can pay you actual cash everytime your files are downloaded. It promises to pay atleast 1$ for each single down load. you could additionally make upto 20$ from every down load depending on the country. The most effective factor that annoys me loads is the survery. The users need to finish a survey to get the down load hyperlink, that’s quite stressful. So, it depends on you in case you want your consumer’s religion or money. totally relies upon on you.

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List of PPD sites without survey

3. Usercloud

Userscloud is a file hosting provider that offers unlimited storage area without cost to all customers who registered and reserve the userscloud account. further due to the fact it is there whatever else that makes userscloud call for as record hosting is the service PPD (Pay according to download) where we are able to be paid if there are down load our files in userscloud similar to the present offerings on Tusfiles.if you have any internet site wherein you can add contents, then UsersCloud is the quality PPD network that allows you to earn cash on line.



a few valuable considerations regarding PPD marketing

as regards to PPD advertising, you want to understand the policies and guidelines related to PPD Networks. You want to be aware of the type of content material or digital product you can add on PPD Networks. as an instance, you simply can not upload films or person content. So, earlier than signing up for any PPD network, first go through the terms and conditions.
in case you face any trouble, you must get assistance from their assist team and make things crystal clear before starting your PPD marketing campaign.

once you have got decided on a Pay per download community and move onto add your content material and get the links up which you need people to download, you have to make sure that people visit these links and fill the survey to unlock the download and ultimately down load the content material or virtual product on offer. In reality, this constitutes one of the maximum important demanding situations inside the context of PPD advertising. As a remember of reality, site visitors can even entire one of a kind offers with a view to release other available downloads.